Blown Cellulose Insulation

Superior attic insulation for your new home

Applegate cellulose insulation forms a seamless blanket of natural fibers that provide outstanding protection from the elements. Best of all, on the hottest and coldest days, (when you need it most) Applegate's cellulose insulation won't lose R-value like fiberglass.

Applegate cellulose insulation has an R- value of 3.8 inch (nearly twice as much as typical blown fiberglass). Applegate offers Stabilized Cellulose that locks in place and virtually elminates settling.


"Get what you pay for"...

Tests conducted by a fiberglass manufacturer reveal that the actual performance of batts can be 14% to 45% less than their labelled R-value when gaps and voids associated with normal batt installation are considered. With Applegate cellulose insulation, you receive the insulation performance you paid for.

Cellulose Coverage Chart

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