ThermoCon Spray-on System

ThermoCon is a complete spray-on system consisting of specially milled cellulosefibers treated with fire retardant chemicals, high performance adhesive and proven application methods.

ThermoCon is applied by a national and international network of trained applicators using approved equipment and spray methods.

ThermoCon provides a monolithic coating that is tough with an attractive carpet-like texture that follows the contour of the architect's design to provide exceptional noise reduction, condensation control, and outstanding thermal control in one application.

ThermaCon out performs prefabricated insulation products because it is spray applied, eliminating voids and compression areas that reduce hermal efficiency.

ThermoCon is available in six colors; White, Beige, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Tan and Black. Specially matched colors are also available.

Thermal Control

ThermoCon provides superior thermal resistance by creating a monolithic seal with the use of hollow interloaced fibers sprayed in place with no seams or voids. Our seamless application provides an R-Value of 3.7 per inch and is significant barrier to air infiltration, convection adn radiation in both hot and cold environments, thereby reducing heating and cooling costs.

"Get what you pay for"...

Tests conducted by a fiberglass manufacturer reveal that the actual performance of batts can be 14% to 45% less than their labelled R-value when gaps and voids associated with normal batt installation are considered. With ThermoCon cellulose insulation, you receive the insulation performance you paid for.

Sound Control

ThermoCon has the ability to absor sound instead of reflecting it thereby reducinb the reverbertion time. A one inch application of ThermoCon will a sor up to 75% of the sounds caused by he reverberaions from hard surfaces such as walls, ceilings and floors. ThermoCon is effective over a broad range of frequencies at varied thickness. Acoustical consultants and architects know that unwanted noise affects comfort, concentration and behavior. Buildings insulated with ThermoCon are quieter, creating a more relaxed atmosphere for the occupants.



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