ThermoCon is a spray-on insulation made from specially prepared hollow cellulose fibers treated with fire retardant chemicals. Every ThermoCon spray product is made from a blend of long fibered bleached papers. What this means is that our product will not change or fall off with age, because long fiber bleached papers will not deteriorate as spray mechanical (newsprint) paper products do.

ThermoBond is our adhesive, which is a vinyl acrylic. The vinyl gives the product surface toughness, and the acrylic lets the product expand and contract with structures during weather changes. This keeps the product from popping or flaking off. ThermoBond adhesive is the most successful adhesive in the market today, and like ThermoCon, can only be bought through ThermoCon or authorized distributors.

ThermoCon markets ThermoCon Architectural Spray-On Systems, ThermoForm Wall-Spray Systems, and ThermoCon Loose-Fill products to meet the requirements of a diverse construction industry.

ThermoCon Architectural Spray-On is primarily applied as an exposed interior finish in all types of construction, offering aesthetics in a variety of colors. Product characteristics include thermal insulation, acoustic and condensation control, improved light reflectivity, as well as a surface protective coating.

ThermoCon TEX-CEIL is a highly refined, textured ceiling system that can be used on any surface that requires an abrasion resistant, fine textured, attractive finish. If asbestos replacement is the problem, then Tex-Ceil is the solution. ThermoCon's Tex-Ceil is the "state-of-the-art" spray-on thermal and acoustical insulation.

ThermoForm Wall-Spray is mainly used in new construction homes, apartments, town homes, hotels/motels, office buildings, and hospitals to reduce and eliminate plumbing noise, sound transmission through walls, and as a thermal barrier in perimeter walls.

When ThermoCon is sprayed into a structure, it virtually eliminates air-infiltration while providing sound and temperature control in one fast, inexpensive application.

As you examine us, you will notice our determination to produce the highest quality insulation possible. It is this philosophy that has made us the leader in the Spray-On Cellulose insulation business.

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