ThermoForm Wall-Spray is mainly used in new construction homes, apartments, town homes, hotels/motels, office buildings, and hospitals to reduce and eliminate plumbing noise, sound transmission through walls, and as a thermal barrier in perimeter walls.

When ThermoCon is sprayed into a structure, it virtually eliminates air-infiltration while providing sound and temperature control in one fast, inexpensive application.

As you examine us, you will notice our determination to produce the highest quality insulation possible. It is this philosophy that has made us the leader in the Spray-On Cellulose insulation business. ThermoForm is a field proven, advanced insulation possessing lasting thermal performance, unique cavity conforming characteristics and reassuring safety properties. ThermoForm is formulated from a blend of cellulose fibers and treated for fire resistancy. With a self-contained adhesive, ThermoForm is specifically designed to completely occupy and insulate wall and attic voids by forming a unique structure-conforming seamless blanket that significantly reduces sound transmission and virtually eliminates air infiltration.

ThermoForm Blocks Air Infiltration

Generally, high R-values equate to favorable insulation performance, but an insulation's "Performance R" value can be drastically reduced by air infiltration. Air infiltration is the costly, uncontrolled leakage of air penetrating both into and out of a structure, unnecessarily inflating both heating and cooling costs. The spray-applied, seamless ThermoForm blanket instantly resolves the problem of air infiltration as it blocks this uncontrolled leakage by wrapping the structure in a protective insulating envelope.

ThermoForm Controls Sound Transmission

ThermoForm is a field proven, noise control insulation, absorbing substantial levels of unwanted sound. A great deal of acoustic energy is transmitted through small gaps and voids in walls and floor/ceiling assemblies. The sprayed-in-place ThermoForm blanket creates a sound-deadening wall as it seals off potential sound transmission openings. And, ThermoForm's natural high density provides an excellent STC rating. STC (sound transmission class) is a measure in decibels of the reduction in sound as it passes through a wall assembly. Higher STC values equate to less noise transmitted through the wall. A decibel (dB) is the unit measure of sound level or intensity.

ThermoForm Controls Heat Loss/Gain

TherrnoForm possesses greater density when compared to fiberglass batts and therefore has the ability to virtually eliminate air infiltration. Studies show that an improperly installed fiberglass batt with as little as a 4% void area translates into as much as a 50% increase in heat loss/gain through air infiltration and subsequent excessive energy expenditures. In contrast, the ThermoForm blanket for walls and ceilings completely fills all voids and seals around conduit, ducts, and electrical boxes, eliminating these energy loss channels. This equates to substantial energy savings.

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