Endoflex Mat

Originally developed and tested to provide up to 3-hour fire protection for vital control circuits at nuclear power plants, ENDOFLEX Mat also has widespread application in the commercial building sector. Protection of redundant alarm cables, power supply conduits for emergency fire pumps and / or emergency lighting, protection of critical telecommunications systems are but a few of the many candidates for the 1, 2, or 3 hour protective systems.

This highly flexible mat is applied in multiple layers or wraps to achieve the desired hourly fire protective rating. Tested systems include circuit integrity protection for conduits, cable trays, supports, junction boxes, and free air cables. The endothermic, heat-absorbing properties are enhanced by the highly advanced polymer mat system developed specifically for ENDOFLEX . Properties are preserved at joints and overlaps by the use of ENDOFLEX Sealant, an endothermic latex-based material developed to complement and enhance the Mat system.

ENDOFLEX Mat is easily installed with simple hand tools. Once installed, it is highly resistant to weather and environmental elements, such as direct sunlight and rain.

Product Features Fire Protection Applications
* Endothermic (heat absorbing) * Cable Trays
* Highly Flexible * Conduits
* No special tools required * Junction Boxes
* Easy to maintain and clean * Cable Dropouts
* Excellent resistance to weather elements * Cable Tray & Conduit Supports
* Very low smoke spread  
* Doesn't support flame spread


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