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On outdoor installations, Firetemp L and Firetemp M must be weatherproofed with a paint system, metal covering, or water-repellent coating. Apply paints or coatings to all cut surfaces and filled areas to provide water repellency to the system. Recommended paint systems include:

2 coats TE-6011 or SM2138 and 1 coat Amerlock 400

2 coats of TE-6011 or SM2138

1 coat TE-6011 or SM2138 and 2 coats Amerlock 400

1 coat TE-6011 or SM2138 and 2 coats Sherwin Williams Exterior Industrial Enamel

2 coats oil-based primer and 2 coats Amerlock 400

The paint system must be periodically checked to verify the paint layer has not been punctured or broken. Repair any damage as soon as possible. The superior paint system will last many years if the paint is not damaged or broken. The acceptable paint systems must be inspected semiannually for damage.

For interior installations that require the surface to be exposed, use only high-quality oil-based paint and primers. Do not use latex primers or paints. To provide the best surface for painting, use an oil-based masonry primer before painting, wall papering, or adhering tile or other surface treatment.

TE-6011 is a silicone emulsion manufactured by Taylor Chemical. SM2138 is also a silicone emulsion and is manufactured by GE Silicone. Equivalent products are available from other manufacturers. Users should consult the manufacturer's MSDS on any product used to paint or treat Firetemp L or Firetemp M. The MSDS should be available from the distributor of the product being used.

Not withstanding the foregoing, Johns Manville assumes no liability for personal injury and makes no representations or warranties of whatever nature, directly or indirectly, expressed or implied regarding the aforementioned paint systems, including but not limited to any representations for warranties with respect to the suitability, durability, sufficiency, fitness for use for any particular purpose or merchantability thereof.

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