Maria Catherina Sleeves

This product can be used in every type of concrete floor. It is especially used when a firebreak is necessary.

The Catherina Sleeves are in a league of their own. They offer many advantages.

Superior design

The Catherina Sleeves are available in 100 mm (Approximately 4"), 200 mm (Approximately 8"), and 225 mm (Approximately 9"). They are the only sleeves to really meet the metric heights of the National Building Code of Canada.

They are almost straight, (Only 3/8 inch wider at the bottom, for the 200 mm. and 7/16 inch for the 225 mm.) which allows you to compress the insulation around the pipe to 4 lbs (Pipes or cables assembly), as required by the majority of fire stopping product manufacturers.

The Catherina Sleeves are made of a very resistant material, which does not warp easily, insures a more perfectly round whole, and makes it easier to install and retrieve the sleeve.

Available in 9 sizes

Available in nine different sizes which are in concordance with all standard pipe sizes manufactured on the market (plastic, iron, copper, PEX, etc.), whether installed with caulking, wrap strips, or collars.


The Catherina Sleeves are designed to give you flexibility in the thickness you need. The unique stoppers allow you to stack the sleeves, as per the following chart, to adapt to thicker slabs; simply cut out the ring around the top sleeves and use as one tall sleeve.

100 mm
(approx. 4")
50 mm
(approx. 2")
200 mm
(approx. 8")
100 mm
(approx. 4")
225 mm
(approx. 9")
212.5 mm
(approx. 4 1/2")

The Sleeves have measurement lines on their sides, by increments of 25 mm (1"), making it easier to measure the height needed.


The Catherina Sleeves are incredibly affordable and, in most cases, can be saved and reused for another job, generating great savings.

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