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Your specialist in firestopping and fireproofing products, and sleeves!

Fire Barrier Pro carries the best firestop, fireproofing products and sleeves on today's market, along with the necessary technical knowledge. Whatever your need in Firestop, fireproofing or sleeves, Fire Barrier Pro can help.

Our firestop products have the highest amount of UL tests certified for Canada and, to this date, are the only intumescent firestop products to have successfully passed the new UL Accelerated Aging and High Humidity Exposure test. All intumescent firestop products must pass before May 1st, 2006; otherwise they will lose their UL listings.

The "intelligent" Catherina sleeves are in a league of their own. They are stackable by half their height and conformed to the metric standards required by the National Canadian Building Code. Our sleeves are available in 3 heights, 100, 200 and 225 mm and in 9 diameters, conformed to all of the firestop products manufacturers' tests. (Required diameter.)

Fire Barrier Pro also carries incomparable fireproofing products. We can accommodate all your needs to fireproof fabric, wood, steel, and then some.

Our distributors throughout Canada carry stock of everything you need in firestop, sleeves and fireproofing, whether it is for electricity, plumbing (plastic or metal), air conditioning, in commercial or industrial.

Furthermore, our experts are available for your technical questions, from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST, at (450) 686-2010 or (866) 686-2010.

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